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In FeelingLisbon we are committed to receive our guests and follow the rules, by Portuguese law, the platform policies, and contracts we make with our guests. It has been like this for about 13 years.

This year (so atypical) has been challenging but still, we have received so many amazing and sweet people from all over the world, and some people from Portugal that want to spend a longer time here in Lisbon and choose us to host them here in the city, over 400 now.

2 recent actually guests (one from a platform, other direct) left these comments on google maps. The problem is the incorrect and false information and having other profiles (over 20) that never stayed with us.


here is the situation with proof:




James Knight (still) reservation: 1-09-2020 to 30-11-2020


rent 1000€ (for a T2 with private terrace)

2 adults, 2 kids, and 2 dogs

He notified us we would leave the apartment at the end of the month of September, just a few days before the end of the month. He lost the deposit (this is the law of the contract and the platform).

This is how he left the apartment (with 2 repairs of the stores paid by us)

If you read on google maps our latest bad reviews: two actually guests and more than 20 (fake guests) 

We follow the rules and our contract agreements,

by Portuguese laws and platform policies. More than 400 guests this year know this.

Here is the proof of both situations:

duarte reserva.png

Duarte X (didn't identify his last name in the comments) contacted us through an online platform, after directly, to stay one month in a T1 for a budget of 650€.

Reservation from 31-07-2020 to 31-08-2020


rent of 700€ (for a T2)

He wanted to stay more time and make a contract, first, we said we had to see if it was possible then we told him it was not possible to extend the reservation for that price and the rent from the next month would be more 250€. We returned him the full deposit.

left us a 100€ bill of rented movies (at this time he already had received the deposit)

Then he had his friends and other accounts making these comments:

Please, if you are one of these people put there your proof of reservation with us.

All these comments are from the same date. We have 

If you made it this far. well.. thank you? we will gladly offer you some homemade Portuguese sweet! let us know!

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