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My name is Vanda and my husband is Francisco and I’m a computer engineer, and Francisco is a Civil engineer. We had more than 50’s and a long life history. I start work in a Big One consulting and after 25 years in a bank. Francisco worked a few years in a Big Construction enterprise and since 25 years ago in his own company by making acquisitions in the historic buildings of Lisbon and after rehabilitation. But both of us with a knack for marketing, entrepreneurship and design (I guess it's a good thing). 

The inspiration for FeelingLisbon Apartments came to Francisco one evening in 2007, just after a family trip to Italy, that we stay in a family house in Florence and with the crisis in Portugal, many of our friends left their homes and we had some houses. We started FeelingLisbon Apartments to give people a new way to experience a place. Handmade hospitality, for stays in the finest homes. They hold the key, not just to their own front doors, but to something much bigger. A new type of hospitality.

Well, the first thing we did was a business plan (engineering things!). 

So, we used the knowledge we've earned from college together with creativity to deliver the best experience possible to our guests and it made me really proud so far by the feedback people gave us!

I left the bank and I am totally engage with FeelingLisbon Apartments. And my new goal is to provide the best local experiences, as well as unforgettable, unique memories. Support local communities and local artisans and street art artist. Get a brilliant insight into local history and traditions. Connect cultures and make new friends.

As our children have studied and worked outside Portugal, we have learned from their needs, and we apply this knowledge here in Lisbon, creating the conditions to provide the best stay for Erasmus students, PHD, entrepreneurs, corporate people traveling by one or more months and expats. 

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